Brand Strategy starts with identifying your goals and how best to achieve them. First things first. New or existing?

New Brand Creation

Want to know more about how we build brands from scratch? At our branding agency we’re experts in brand naming and building new brand identities from the ground up. Naturally our brand consultancy approach stems from actionable customer insight.

We are experienced in building creative new brands from the ground up. We arrive at the insights that give your business a clear direction and commercially advantageous difference.

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Brandthing is not just a creative design agency. Our branding teams build robust creative brand strategies and creative solutions that connect directly to your customers’ and stakeholders’ needs. Our brand agency develops brand names, identities, narratives and messaging that are shaped by insight.

By taking the guesswork out of branding, we deliver work that works.

Existing Brand Development & Reignition

As markets change and evolve, sometimes even the most successful brands can lose focus or alignment with their customers and people. Our rebranding consultancy can help by unearthing powerful insights and driving them back to the heart of your business. It’s not a rebrand it’s brand reignition. Is your business realising its ambitions for growth?

Our branding consultancy unlocks the potential of existing brands by unearthing the positive truths associated with your business.
When thinking about how to develop your brand, you need to know you’re in safe hands.

Our rebranding consultancy has a robust planning process. We are pragmatic. We will arrive at a representative research sample that is both manageable and affordable. We make clear recommendations for rebrand strategy and communications that are proven to unlock growth.