Brand Planning. 360˚ Stakeholder research. Unearthing the truth about left-hand & right-hand balance. Insight.

The Brand Axiom (noun)

A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true, or proposition on which an abstractly defined structure is based.

Our brand positioning strategy tool unearths the powerful truths that exist within your business.

Use them to shape your organisation’s future and create a real, tangible difference and real competitive advantage.

Who are we?

What is the nature of your business? What kind of people do you attract?

Are there common behaviours and attitudes?

Is your organisation built on modernist or traditionalist values?

Are the people involved authoritative and confident, or are you warm and friendly?

Are you a cautious lot, or risk-takers?


How do you feel?

What is it like working for your organisation? Is there a sense of shared experience?

Do stakeholders 'feel' the same way about work. Is there a shared vision, a common goal?

Are you a happy bunch? Hard-working, driven and focused?


How do you look?

What kind of image does your business project? Is it cohesive and consistent? Do you have a visual identity and organisational style?

Does your website reflect your reception and visa-versa?

How do we look to others, how do they describe us?


How do you speak?

What is your business' tone of voice?

How do you communicate in the spoken or written word, via advertising, internal comms, website, social media sites on the phone and to the media?

Is it authoritative, chatty, professional or friendly?

Let's adopt the right language for your business and use it consistently.


What makes you different?

What are the real, tangible things that set you apart from the competition?

Do you honestly know who your competition are, and what exactly it is that they're offering?

And why in some cases consumers choose them instead of you.

Tricky one?


Your symbols?

Who and what are the symbols that connect your business to the outside world?

Is it a colour? A particular person?
Or a single sub-brand or a whole range of products
and services?

Maybe it's a building or even a particular ad campaign.

Identify the symbols that matter most and stop wasting time and money investing in those that don't.


Who buys you and who doesn't?

Do you have a clear understanding of your customers' needs and desires?

What type of person buys your 'offer' and what are their reasons for selecting you?

Who decides against you, and more importantly why?

Is your market position and brand proposition as clear as it ought to be?


What are you?

Sounds easy. It should be.

But, would your description list be the same as your colleagues?

Is there a clear messaging hierarchy?

What does your organisation actually do well? And maybe not so well?

What should you be doing more of and what are people's misconceptions?


The heart

By unearthing and capturing the truthful themes that underpin the sucessful elements within your organisation, we can distil the most engaging and differentiating rational and emotional connections to sit at the heart of your brand.

Sometimes it can beat with a single word.
Powerful stuff.


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Brand Pillars
Values & Proposition

Four distinct areas of your business informed and driven by the insight themes unearthed within the Brand Axiom process.

Nature, Attitudes and Behaviours, Standards and Focus can all be clearly identified and harnessed for future growth and success.

Built from 360˚ Stakeholder Research we can make your new values work for the business and drive them into everyday way of working.

At every brand touchpoint the message will be clear and easier to act upon. It makes decision making and business debate more objective.

From now on, it’s either ‘on’ or ‘off’ brand.


Are there common threads that stich your organisation together? What kind of people seem to be attracted to your company's vision and mission. Is there a link between all of the stakeholders? Have you all been attracted to work with each other, you kind of fit in well? It's all in your nature, it's the 'kind' of people you really are and can form part of what your brand should be.



A principle is nothing but words unless it costs. Quality and customer service are regularly trumpeted as a company's professional standards. Do we really go the extra mile for our clients and each other. When quality costs us extra in both time and budget, do we too quickly fall back on a 'that will do' standard? Make your standards clear and work as hard as possible to reach and maintain them.



This pillar can, and will, change from time to time as focus shifts to meet new market influences and pressures. It's great to be clear on this year's specific intent. You maintain all other brand values, but have a strong direction and particular objectives to achieve. Focus and win.



How do we identify the very best behaviours in our company? Can we share 'best-practice'? Can we be clearer on how we should behave? With our customers and each other. We can train all our people to share a common sense of approach, guidelines in how we want to be connected. Great for staff new and old. Even better when achieved at every brand touchpoint.


Brand Values and Proposition:

It's so much easier when the whole team shares a single-minded vision. What is your offer to your customers? Does everyone in the organisation understand? Make your value propositions add real value to your consumers' lives. This isn't a process for the feint-hearted, it could well be the most important business activity you've encountered. Your brand is the only, truly unique asset you have, nurture and use it well.


360˚ Stakeholder

We deliver an equitable share of voice. He who shouts loudest, doesn’t skew the findings, as all stakeholders, internal and external, can be honest in their response and there’s no legacy ‘baggage’ to deal with.

By using Brandthing you will unearth the truth. As an independent organisation we carry out insight discovery in a totally anonymous and objective manner.

We develop discussion guides with you and your team select areas of interest then go about understanding what emotional and rational drivers will help your business and brand differentiate it’s offer.

Many methodoligies can be employed from simple online surveys, to more revealing tele-depth and focus group interview and discussion formats. We have clear focus: to find out what makes your business successful and how we can improve this with the right communications and branding strategy.

360 degree stakeholder research