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Clicks vs bricks

With Amazon’s incredible growth, it’s easy to forget that Walmart is the retail ‘Daddy’ (or Mummy), it’s still the world’s largest retailer. In 2017, Walmart recorded sales worth $485 billion and earned a profit of $13 billion. Amazon recorded revenues at $178 billion with profits of $3 billion.

Okay, Amazon’s growth trajectory will overtake Walmart sooner rather than later (on paper and forecast charts), but they are still chasing.

Albeit in a different convenience channel, the low margin, slim profit, high volume revenue model was invented by Walmart. Strange that everyone is agreeing that the high street is dead and clicks beat bricks every time – well, looks like bricksANDclicks might be the strongest position.

Can Walmart develop and accelerate their online offer? Things are moving in the right way for them. Not in the water, or dead, just yet.

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