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Steve Dixon.

Over 25 years’ experience in the branding and advertising industry.

Best known for his strategic brand launch, guardianship and creative direction of the ghd hair beauty brand.

Working at a senior strategic level with other great national and international brands like: CPA Global, Eyelevel, City of Lincoln, Illamasqua, Flowercard, Cloud Nine, HH Global, Greggs, Greenlight, Seabrook Crisps, The Car People, Fox’s biscuits, Tiscali, Skype, International Paints, etc, etc, (you get the idea).

Sara Scott.

Over 15 years' experience within the branding, recruitment and advertising industry.

A Masters in Business Administration certainly helps with coordinating client work.
But it's her belief that the strongest and most powerful brands are build from the inside, out.

She's worked with consumer brands, technology brands, business brands, she's even branded management consultancies (and they're really clever people).