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Have faith in your idea.

Okay, so street art is nothing new – I mean, think cavemen.

The piece featured above, (albeit adjusted slightly, apologies to world heritage site lovers) was painted around 1573 by Melchior Bocksberger on a building in Regensburg, Germany.

To be honest, when our Loop.gl campaign ‘The London Loop’ was shortlisted in this years’ BEA World Festival, (up against three brand Goliaths in: Mercedes, adidas and L’Oreal) we viewed our chances of winning as pretty slim. But, “hey, it’s a great achievement to be on the shortlist with these mega, global brands.”

Like David, we had a sweet, slingshot of an idea.

And, thanks to the bravery of the awards jury at BEA (you didn’t play safe), we won GOLD for best use of web and social media. Which goes to prove you don’t necessarily need a $multi-million budget to surface a great idea and win a highly-coveted, global creative award.



The London Loop Gallery event and competition was created to launch Loop.gl, the new file-share and collaboration platform created by Greenlight.

Unknown artists shared their works, the public voted for their favourites online, and every day we showcased different winners on 72 prime location poster sites.

For three weeks in March, we brought new and original art to the streets, brightening-up the busy commuter corridors of London from Shoreditch to Soho. Alongside our fantastic client and creative partners: Greenlight.gl, Loop.gljadpro.czPetr Vagner, Adgenda Media, JCDecaux and TFL we had co-created the biggest urban art gallery in the world! It stretched over 7 sq. miles and featured over 1,200 original works, from more than 2,000 unknown and up-and-coming artists.

In May, we held the London Loop 2018 Awards, a wonderful three day event, with creative workshops and an awards night where our new, virtual artist community, could come together and meet in real life as physical, human beings. The energy was incredible, so supportive and encouraging.

A celebration with many prizes given away to recognise the hidden talents and to encourage the artists in our Loop community to keep creating their wonderful work. Hannah Campbell walked away with the top prize of £10,000 for her ‘5p superhero’ illustration – voted-up by the public in the online gallery and considered worthy of the grand prix award by our fantastic judges.

Thank you to the amazing team of creatives, designers, writers, developers, media and social managers who worked so hard to get this job done – thanks for having faith in a good idea.

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